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Prenatal and Pediatric Care


Each patient carries his own doctor inside of him.    We are our best when we give the doctor that resides in each patient a chance to work.  

-Albert Shweitzer, MD


Chiropractic has the most profound effects on our littlest of patients. Children's spines  are subjected to significant regular stress starting at birth. These stressors such as repetitive slips and falls, heavy bags, athletics, repetitive hobbies, and poor posture can cause misalignments of the spine, also known as vertebral subluxations. Vertebral subluxations cause interference to the nervous system and create the opportunity for a host of health problems to exist as the body functions less than optimally. Gentle and specific pediatric chiropractic adjustments restore proper alignment to the spine and improve the function of the nervous system and a developing little body. Chiropractic care has proven to be one of the safest methods of restoring health and optimizing the function of the body for children.


Pregnancy is an exciting time of great change, specifically to the spine and pelvis. It is no wonder why so many women enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care during their pregnancy. Chiropractic during pregnancy involves specific, gentle, and safe adjustments to the spine and particularly the pelvis. Restoring proper alignment to the pelvis allows for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth experience as well as optimizes the nervous system and thereby allowing the mother's body to function best for her baby.


Our office specializes in pediatric and prenatal care. Not only do our patients receive specific chiropractic adjustments to meet their needs; but, they appreciate the knowledge that is available which extends beyond adjustments such as nutrition, natural support methods, breastfeeding, and natural childbirth information.








Would you reccomend chiropractic to other pregnant mothers?

Yes. Because I think, number one, it helps with the pain.  It helps keep you aware of your body with some of the changes that are happening...It helped me understand that it's not just about keeping me pain free but preparing my body for the birth process and making sure my body is in line so that it can help for an easier labor process. -Bridget