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Our Team

At that point in life where your talent meets the needs of the world, that is where God wants you to be.

-Albert Schweitzer, MD


We are Drs. Jason and Kate Engelhardt. We opened our first practice in Point Pleasant, New Jersey (Dr. Jason’s hometown) in 2001. We were blessed with a caring team that helped us care for our community and we truly loved going to our office every morning.  After discussion and prayer, we made the family decision to leave our practice in the hands of a wonderful doctor and move to Massachusetts (where Dr. Kate grew up) to open our second practice. It didn’t take long to know that Lancaster, MA was where we needed to be.  We opened a family practice in our home in March of 2009. It continues to be a thriving educational center for families to receive their chiropractic care.
We focus on families and hold advanced degrees in posture restoration, pediatrics, and pregnancy.  Dr. Kate holds a diplomate in pediatric and prenatal care from the Academy Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics, the highest level of training for chiropractors in the field. Our practice cares for more children than any other in the area, from newborn through adolescence.  Passionate about teaching and active members of our community, we are frequent guest speakers at local churches, businesses, schools, and centers on disease prevention and drug free solutions to good health.  We care for all families and we support groups which encourage education and informed choice in healthcare.
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring chiropractic to our community. We entered chiropractic school thinking it was simply a great career choice to help people find drugless pain relief but  quickly learned how much more it offered to good health.  This holistic philosophy is one that we not only preach; but, live with our own family as well.  Not only do we receive chiropractic care, but so do our four children.  They each had their first spinal check ups the same day they were born and have been checked and adjusted regularly since.  We look forward to meeting you, exploring what chiropractic can do for you, and for you to be a part of the many chiropractic success stories we have had the privilege of being a part of.  We know the greatest compliment is the referral of someone you care about and we are very honored that the chiropractic families we care for are our number one referral source. 


Moira, Frontdesk Chiropractic Assistant/Financial Chiropractic Assistant


Meet Moira!  Moira joined the Corrective Chiropractic team in 2014.   Moira is undeniably the most caring person on the planet (seriously!).   She inpires us to give the most of ourselves to make a poistive difference for others.  She is a chiropractic warrior through and through and loves sharing the message of chiropractic with others.  At the core of everything she does is her intense desire to help others.  Her genuine thoughtfulness and her meticulous nature makes her an amazing team member.  She is well known for her baking, needlework, and witty one liners. We love having her at  Corrective Chiropractic!

Moira shares the front desk duties with Beth.  She also handles billing and insurance.   We love that she is a regular contributor to our the "hot seat" health article of the week!

Moira can be reached at



Tina, Technical Chiropractic Assistant 


Meet Tina!  Tina joined the Corrective Chiropractic team in 2015.   We knew she would be a perfect addition to the team in the first thirty seconds of our first meeting.  Tina is warm, gentle, and caring.  She can make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable right away, even the kids!  Its obvious how much she just enjoys being around people.  Tina has an infectious smile and a love for learning.

Tina works alongside the doctors to assist with patient care. You can mostly find her in our OBR (one big room!) or our exam rooms helping the families in our office. A licensed massage therapist, Tina offers massage therapy at her own space in Leominster, aptly named Hands of Iron and Silk.

Tina can be reached at






Drs. Jason and Kate are nice, they listen, and they make sense.  They are also very gentle-their adjustments don't hurt.  As well as being very good at what they do and very well informed, they are the kind of people you just like spending time with.  How many people can say that about their doctors?