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Our Patients Speak


I originally came to see Dr. Jason for my upper back pain. I had pain between my shoulder blades for days. I just wanted to get my life back! I had tried multiple pain killers and got massages to try and manage the pain. I had been taking pain killers and preventative steroids twice a day for my asthma. I finally decided to give chiropractic a try because all of the other things I tried didn’t get me any results...What I didn’t expect to happen was that I would no longer need preventative steroids for my asthma...I got my life back! -Edward


We sought out Drs. Jason and Kate for our son Nolan because we were referred here by a friend who went through a similar situation to ours. Our son was suffering from a severe case of reflux and at such an early age it was very difficult for our family to understand and cope with. He was arching his body, was fussy, was visibly uncomfortable, and was not sleeping well. We had tried giving him Zantac and Prevacid along with an elimination diet, all of which had poor results.We had never been to a chiropractor previously and we were unsure that chiropractic was the answer. We weren’t really sure that anything would help at that point, but we were hopeful.

Nolan experienced changes after his very first adjustment! After Nolan’s very first adjustment he could already spend time on his back, something he couldn’t do before getting adjusted, not without being miserable anyways. By the 6th adjustment he was medicine free, sleeping, and happy!-Nicole, Nolan's mom

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I have always been a very active person. As someone who owns a gym, exercise and movement is a big part of my life. When I first came to see Dr. Jason I was suffering from my shoulders being very tight along with my hips. I had prolonged soreness during and after my weightlifting sessions...I was really hoping for an improved range of motion and less pain. I had awesome results here! My hips and shoulders were in far less pain and much less tight! At a recent powerlifting meet I hit personal bests on my squat and deadlift with very minimal soreness thereafter! I credit this to my chiropractic treatment!... Chiropractic care will ALWAYS be a part of my health care routine! -Justin

Our family was referred to Dr. Kate by a wonderful lactation consultant. She recommended that our daughter Mykenzie receive a spinal checkup and some chiropractic treatments. We had never been to a chiropractor before and I wasn’t really sure how it was going to help my very young daughter or why someone so young would even need to see a chiropractor. I honestly did not have a full understanding of what chiropractic care was before coming here. The reason we ended up seeking out Dr. Kate’s help was because Mykenzie had a tendency to hold her head bent to one side. She had limited movement of her neck, overall stiffness in her body, and lack of facial symmetry, causing issues with feeding...Dr. Kate was referred to us at a very challenging time in Mykenzie’s life. Since her birth, she and I had been struggling with breastfeeding issues so much so that our overall health and emotional wellbeing has been quite adversely affected. Since Mykenzie and myself receiving treatment we have both has a dramatic improvement not just with initial issues but with our overall health and wellbeing. Our quality of life has been greatly improved!!!  -Robin, Mykenzie's mom


Rebekka is recovering from a spinal cord injury. In 2000, Rebekka had a spinal fusion to correct a severe scoliosis. Then one of the rods that was used to stabilize the spine during the fusion had migrated into the spinal column crushing her spinal cord. By the time the problem was diagnosed, Rebekka had lost complete use of both her legs, though could move her feet some. It is anticipated that Rebekka will return to the level of function pre-injury. That said, Rebekka previously walked either with a walker or light touch from another, but she does not have balance so she could not walk unassisted. Rebekka has a genetic disorder known as Angelman’s Syndrome. This disorder makes it virtually impossible to Rebekka to speak, so it becomes very difficult to understand the source of her pain. Rebekka has a significant cognitive disability...Walking seemed to almost ‘hurt’. Her progress with physical therapy was slow.  Before continuing with PT, Rebekka’s therapist suggested a consultation for Rebekka with Dr. Kate who determined Rebekka did indeed need an adjustment...We did not think that any chiropractor would treat Rebekka given the spinal fusion and her developmental disabilities.  Rebekka has shown some marked improvement since she started her treatment. She has much more movement in her left leg and does not seem so tenuous when waling. She has regained the desire to move around without a wheelchair. She is steadier on her feet, needing less support. This change in less than 2 months! It’s wonderful to see her coming back.- Lynn, Rebekka's mom



I consulted Dr. Jason for my chronic asthma. I would wake up in the middle of the night due to lack of air. While my asthma was seasonal, it was severe enough wake me up and it was really disrupting my sleep. I also had pain in my elbow and back that we were able to work through together. All I wanted was to be able to breath without using an inhaler.  When I would use my Albuterol prescription, there was only temporary relief before I had to use it again...I had never been to a chiropractor previously and honestly thought it was only a place that older people went to when their backs started to go. I was really nervous at first...My results were and have been tremendous and I am breathing great! My chiropractic adjustments help my body to feel so much better. I would recommend that others go to Dr. Jason and Dr. Kate and start feeling better! I tell everyone about chiropractic and what it has done for me and my daughter. Words cannot even describe how much I love chiropractic. -Jeff (and Natalie!)